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Healthcare Database

If you are running a healthcare-associated business, you must have healthcare data access to get up-to-date insights on a regular basis.

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At IRCOIT Technologies, we’re dedicated to unlocking the true potential of your data. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that you not only manage your data efficiently but turn it into a strategic asset that propels your business forward

Why is Healthcare data important?

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses, including healthcare, have shifted online to navigate limitations and prevent the global spread of viral infections. We’ve witnessed patients opting for online consultations through video conferencing and various technologies to receive prescriptions. Leveraging our expertise in technology research and data compilation, we recognize the immense potential of a healthcare database in significantly accelerating any online business, surpassing the efficiency of traditional offline resources by tenfold.

Advantages of using Healthcare Database?

  • Targeted Marketing: An email database lets companies tailor their marketing efforts precisely. By categorizing contacts based on specialities, roles, or other criteria, businesses can craft messages suited to specific audiences, making their campaigns more relevant and effective.
  • Effective Communication: Email remains one of the most direct and widely used communication channels. A healthcare email database enables companies to establish and maintain direct lines of communication with key decision-makers, physicians, administrators, and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.
  • Brand Visibility and Awareness: Regular communication through targeted email campaigns helps enhance brand visibility and awareness within the healthcare industry. Consistent engagement with professionals ensures that a company’s name remains top-of-mind when healthcare-related needs arise.
  • Business Development Opportunities: A comprehensive email database opens doors to valuable business development opportunities. Companies can reach out to potential partners, collaborators, and clients within the healthcare sector, fostering strategic alliances that drive growth.

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Healthcare Data Coverage

At IRCOIT, we’re excited to share the wealth of healthcare information that our extensive coverage provides. We believe in offering a robust platform that ensures your access to information is not only vast but also tailored to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare landscape.


Healthcare Specialties

Explore a vast range of healthcare specialities with our database, offering in-depth and specific information on over 300 healthcare specialities and close to 500+ sub-specialities with all the data fields available in the form of Excel/CSV format.

Global Coverage

Gain a worldwide perspective with our platform covering 180+ countries, providing access to healthcare professionals around the globe including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, United Kingdom, Israel, Cambodia, Denmark, France, China, Singapore, India, etc.

Database Strength

We prioritize accuracy in our data. With 36 million verified contacts, you can trust that the information you access is reliable and current. Using our database you can directly connect to your prospect using email and schedule your meeting accordingly, personal LinkedIn profiles also have an advantage.

IRCOIT Technologies

Healthcare Providers

Connect with a diverse array of service providers, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of healthcare services available. The database also includes top hospitals, institutions, and healthcare service providers with their names, titles, regions and email addresses.

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Market Research

We deploy a multiple market research activities to gain the perfect data & insights of each projects

Data Building

Once the research analysis is over, we gather all the semi-structured data in one place

Data Validation

All the data get through a proper validation under several resources and legal compliance

Privacy Updates

During the data validation program, we also deploy an opt-out campaigner to let the audience unsubscribe on demand of each project approval. These activities help us to get the accurate file upon delivery.

Database Delivery

Upon satisfaction of data nurturing, validation, privacy updates, now it's time to prepare an excel/.csv file and upload them to the server so the client can download the file through an end-to-end encrypted server.


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