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Why do companies prefer PHP when it comes to product development?

IRCOIT represents PHP developers that create and manage back-end scripts and integrate them with front-end code using custom CSS and js files. Our developer team is also familiar with and uses other back-end and front-end coding languages where appropriate. Problem-solving, troubleshooting, and architectural design are some of the main responsibilities of PHP developers. They also integrate data storage solutions such as databases and find workarounds and solutions for the limitations of the PHP language. Another important role of the PHP developer is to create PHP modules. Modules are a chunk of code that can be tested and reused, which makes development more efficient and reliable.


PHP Development Services


E-commerce Development:

ecommerce landscape, details like load time, smooth scrolling, and memory management can make or break your customer experience. Our seasoned PHP development team has the expertise to innovate feature-rich, high-performance online storefronts either built with Magento or custom-engineered for better engagement.


Upgrade PHP Applications:

PHP has one of the richest ecosystems in the web development world, with endless opportunities to modernize and upgrade legacy products and platforms. Our expert PHP developers not only up-level your application, but also provide and can migrate your coding through.


Migration to PHP:

When it comes to data migration under PHP- you can’t just hire a PHP developer and trust that your migration will be seamless and worry-free. We provide reliable migration from your existing tech stack to PHP with an unparalleled level of transparency and accountability.


Support & Maintenance:

with expert support and maintenance handled by our PHP team. We keep your website or application running fast, safely, responsive, and smoothly with proactive troubleshooting. our team is available 24X7 to support you through multi-medium resources.


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IRCOIT Technologies is a software development company headquartered in the united states and running for the last 13 years now helping global businesses with various project development (i.e. web design, software development, mobile application development, digital solutions, etc.)
We have global clients using our technical services from different industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, pharma, airlines, aviation, telecommunication, transport & logistics, etc.

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